This research project aims to create and explore an open story world based on the script ‘Far Edge of the World’ from writer Felix Harrison, and examine the possible tools for narrative development and future forms of story presentation that blur the line between game, film, and TV.
Can a story exist in both as a linear film and an open world game format? How are collaboration and development affected by all aspects of production running in parallel? How do these tools affect this process, and does it allow the world to grow beyond the page? 
Finally, how does the viewer interact with the story, now that it can be seen from the perspective of each character, and how can the creator leverage Unreal's environment data to engage the audience and possibly tailor an individual or collective experience?
Story Synopsis ‘Far Edge of the World’

We meet Everett, a man obsessed with the pursuit of large scale superposition, proving to the world the existence of the 'Many-World' interpretation of quantum mechanics; in that, all possible futures exist concurrently. 
His charm has overseen the building of a parallel field machine deep in Antarctica, where he has led a team to unlock the potential. As we follow an unraveling of reality, we ask the question of did he succeed? What is reality? Or are we watching a man too scared to fail, create and believe the possibilities in his mind's eye as he desperately tries to find a parallel world where his obsession hadn't led to his wife's death?
In our lives, we are simultaneously and inseparably actors and spectators, observers, the observed, subject and object, dreamers, and dreams. How can your perception of events shift your belief in what you were looking at: accepting that you witnessed a new reality
‘We are collectively dreaming up our universe while simultaneously being dreamed up by it'
Visual Development
Asset Development
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