The aim of this research project is to create and explore an open story world based on an original story and examine the possible tools for narrative development with a linear and non linear framework using the realtime capabilities of the Unity game engine.
Can the story exist in both as a linear film and non linear game format? How is collaboration and development affected with all aspects of production running in parallel. How do these tools affect this process, and does it allow the world to grow beyond the page.
As a story world it has the exciting possibility to explore parallel worlds as we slip between them whilst in superposition. As a device this has the potential to work well within an open world environment , so we as viewers or participants can either become part of the story or simply the audience.
Themes to explore
What is reality? Does how we watch affect our perception and engagement?
Consequence, action and what is randomness? How do we notice small changes, and what would our effect be as a ghost in a parallel world.
Quantum decoherence [every possible outcome simultaneously existing; how can this exist, how can this be represented, how do we engage]
Initial VR tests
Development Images
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