Depicted Studios was established by Greg Shaw to explore creative strategies within narrative structures and empathetic engagement at the junction of immersive storytelling and world-building.

From a background in architecture and working over the last 20 years as a production designer, we are using game engines and realtime immersive technology to examine the role of the virtual art dept and analyse the potential narrative development and future forms of story presentation that blur the line between game, film, and TV.
Can a story exist both as a linear film and non-linear game format? How are collaboration and development affected by all aspects of production running in parallel? How do these tools affect this process, and how does it allow the world to grow beyond the page?

Then as viewers, how do we interact with this story? Can it exist in both an open-world experience and film/TV series concurrently? Is an audience willing and excited to explore a world in ways beyond the screen?

This is a research project into the future of storytelling.
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