Depicted Studios was established by Greg Shaw to explore creative strategies within narrative structures and empathetic engagement at the junction of immersive story telling and world building.
From a background in architecture and working over the last 20 years as a production designer, I am taking the skills from film and immersive theatre to pursue design development from the virtual to the physical space, along with the ever expanding tools of VR/AR along with machine learning techniques, to explore the role of new technology and it’s application into projects as a tool for concept visualisation, and integration into construction crafts and post-production techniques. 
I have assembled a core team whose skills range across all aspects of the art dept, while constantly seeking to explore and develop new tools to enhance the creative workflow. Productions are able to generate more creative content, helping to convey a visual representation of an idea, design and/or a mood for use in film, TV, animation, immersive projects and other visual media.
Our services include:
•Art Direction/Production Design
Concept Art [environment/props/character]
•Pre-vis (realtime using Unity)
•Motion graphics
•Promotional Visuals
•Pitch documents
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